This project is an absolute dream for the the social game. All things food, coffee and pink – what more could you ask for? Pinkie came to us for an assist on the social media marketing front as they were struggling to make their mark in the huge Melbourne café world. Hidden down a side street in the suburb of Ivanhoe, they needed to build awareness of the brand and location, and encourage people to give them a try. After that, their delicious food, smoothies and coffee would do the rest.

To achieve this, we needed to make their food look super Instagrammable. After all, the prettier the plate, the more shares (and therefore eyeballs) you’re gonna get on the goods. So, we suggested they add touches of pink to their menu and plates. Obviously, this was a play on their brand name, but it had the added benefits of being perfect for an Instagram feed and being a unique point of difference to the gazillion other cafes in Melbourne. When a client can get good coffee and food on every corner, there needs to be a solid reason for them to try somewhere new. We think pink burger buns are a pretty good reason 😊

Lucky they trust us, because they went ahead and levelled up on the pink offerings, and it took their Instagram feed and aesthetic to a whole new dimension.

Once the new look and feel was sorted, we invited LOADS of influencers to experience the Pinkie difference and spread the word. They happily came along for smoothies, meals and coffees capturing stunning pics and sharing across their social media. Result – lots of awareness and new followers for Pinkie.

Pinkie’s Instagram page took off and the café is now always buzzing, only a year after opening the doors (and xxxx after implementing their new social media marketing strategy).

The ultimate measure of success (apart from the dollars in the till for Pinkie) – customers travel from far and wide to check out Pinkie, all because they’ve been inspired by the Pinkie Instagram page.