You know it, we know it, everybody knows it: social media is the most significant, powerful and effective word-of-mouth marketing tool on the planet.

By now, most businesses and brands get it – maybe you have an Instagram or Facebook page, or at least know you should get around to setting one up. But, unfortunately, just having an account is no longer enough.

How come? Social media these days is all about “engaging content”, “calendar management” and “social advertising”. What started as a fun platform to post pictures and stalk competitors has turned into a serious business…

One that no business-owner has time to manage.

The Social Game is an eclectic team of talented social media experts who combine wild creativity with strong business insight.

With years of social media marketing experience, we know how to tell your story to your audience so they actually hear it and connect.

We create the tailored, engaging and attention-grabbing content that will convert the social voyeurs to loyal customers. Shoppers over stalkers, every time. The best bit? The Social Game team cover every aspect of your social media needs.

Branding, business strategy, video production, photography, graphics, copywriting and content creation – we’ve got all the specialists to make your social slay. We love to collaborate, hate boring, and will make it our mission to take your business to the next level – on social media and beyond.

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